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"The LaRosa Construction Company, Inc. is currently performing the Mackenzie Reservoir sediment removal project for the Town of Wallingford Water Division. This project involves the removal of approximately 117,000 cubic yards of material from one of the Division's drinking water supply reservoirs.

At this time, work is approximately sixty percent completed and is ahead of schedule. We have found LaRosa Construction to be an excellent contractor in their performance to date. They have consistently approached the project in a competent and professional manner and have shown excellent cooperation and responsiveness to the Division and to the residents surrounding the project site.

Based upon their performance to date, the Division would not hesitate to utilize LaRosa Construction again on any future project."

- Roger M. Dann, Wallingford, CT

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Since 1953, LaRosa Construction has provided construction services for projects of all sizes and varieties throughout Connecticut. From general earthwork and excavation to site beautification to snow removal, LaRosa can do it all. We are fully licensed and insured, and our professional team brings the highest quality workmanship to every job.

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